Pediatric cardiac catheterization has been performed in the United States for over 70 years and the number of cases is increasing. Most literature on post catheter care is adult focused, and the literature supports adult shorter bed rest times post catheterization. In 2013, cardiac catheterization nursing leaders at Boston Children’s Hospital created a survey asking, “What is the state of practice for pediatric patients after undergoing cardiac cath?” and sent it out to 118 centers across the United States. Results showed that practices varied across institutions. In 2021, the survey was modified and sent to the Consortium for Congenital Cardiac Care-Measurement of Nursing Practice (C4-MNP). The survey was released 3/15/2021 and closed 6/14/2021. There were 24 responses out of 34 sites (70.6%).

For detailed results, please review the Post Catheterization Aggregate Result Report_Final