Pilot testing of 10 quality measures

The 10 quality measures that met criteria for pilot testing across freestanding children’s hospitals were implemented in 9 of our 30 collaborating centers over the course of a six-month pilot testing phase that began in January 2016. Sites were selected based on their available resources to support data collection, and their ongoing participation in the Children’s Hospital Association Pediatric Health Information System (PHIS).

Pilot testing concluded in September 2016. Analysis and dissemination of the pilot testing data is underway. Results from this work will support initial development of benchmarks and evaluation of the association of the measures with patient outcomes using the database.

For a list of the quality measures tested and detailed measurement plans, navigate to Quality Measures.

Measuring the Acuity of Pediatric Critical Care Nursing using the Complexity Assessment and Monitoring to Ensure Optimal Outcomes (CAMEO) – A Multi-site Experience

The aim of this multisite prospective cohort study is to utilize the internally validated CAMEO© acuity tool to describe the cognitive workload complexity of pediatric critical care nursing across eight children’s hospitals. The CAMEO defines acuity in terms of nursing cognitive workload complexity, the intellectual processing of information about patients that drives critical thinking, decision-making and the resulting level of surveillance necessary to meet patient needs. For more information about the CAMEO tool, please review our CAMEO publication. This study will seek to enroll 800 (100 patients per site) pediatric patients admitted to intensive care units across participating sites to externally validate the tool.

Cardiovascular Operating Room (CVOR) Health of the Work Environment (HWE) Benchmarking

The aims of this improvement science project are to (1) assess the health of the work environment in CVORs across free-standing children’s hospitals in the U.S. by engaging CVOR leadership to disseminate the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) HWE survey, and (2) use the results to establish targets for benchmarking.

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) Nursing Simulation State of Nursing Practice Assessment

The aims of this project are to (1) develop and disseminate a survey to assess whether simulation is utilized as a teaching tool for nurses in CICU’s across free-standing children’s hospitals in the U.S., and (2) work with the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society (PCICS) to propose a standardized CICU Nurse Orientation Curriculum.

Hydrocortisone for Adrenal Insufficiency State of Nursing Practice Assessment

The aims of this project are to (1) develop and disseminate a survey to assess the state of nursing practice around the use of hydrocortisone in the post-operative period and (2) identify variation in current practice in order to inform advancement of standardization.